Tips For Recruiting For A Hybrid Workplace

As many recruiters, agencies and employers know, the pandemic took it’s toll on the job sector and recruitment market, with millions of employers having to quickly switch office-based job roles into remote or hybrid positions overnight. 

But it hasn’t stopped there, organisations and companies have since decided to continue with remote and hybrid working after seeing the multitude of benefits it provides. 

While allowing employees to work from home part-time can be a great way to improve productivity and save money on office space, recruiting for a hybrid workplace can be tricky. Employees must be comfortable working remotely with no need for on-site social interactions and be self-disciplined in handling their work responsibilities independently.

In this article, we’ll uncover 5 tips for recruiting the best candidates for a hybrid workplace!


Tip 1: Look for employees who are comfortable working remotely

One of the most important things to look for when recruiting for a hybrid workplace is candidates who are comfortable working remotely. If your applicants are not used to working from home or prefer working in-office full-time, they may not be the most productive in a hybrid working environment. 

People who can laser-focus on the tasks while working remotely tend to fare better in a hybrid setting, so be sure to ask your candidates if they have previous experience with hybrid working.


Tip 2: Look for employees who are self-motivated

You’ll also want to look for employees who are self-starters, or those that can mostly manage themselves. The ideal hybrid employee can find motivation from within and not from external sources via consistent encouragement or validation. They must be able to find the drive to produce results without someone constantly asking them to do so. 

A self-motivated employee will be capable of completing tasks, sticking to work-related commitments, and having a firm understanding of what their goals are. 


Tip 3: Look for employees who have a strong work ethic and can handle their work responsibilities independently

Another important aspects to think about is finding employees who can handle their work responsibilities independently. It’s important you look for the type of employee who’s a natural problem solver, who has the skills to use first principles when faced with a challenge in order to find its root cause, without feeling overwhelmed by circumstances.


Tip 4: Look for employees with a desire for work-life balance

Work-life balance is a huge factor when considering hybrid working as applicants must be able to manage their time effectively. You need to be on the lookout for candidates who desire to and know how to achieve this type of balance on their own—people who know when to work hard and when to stop to recharge their batteries so they can maximise their productive capacity.


Tip 5: Look for employees who are flexible and adaptable

Finally, in a hybrid workplace, employees need to be flexible and adaptable. This means being able to switch between working from home and working in the office without experiencing any issues. You’re looking for people who can quickly adapt to both circumstances without losing productivity in the transition. 

A lot of candidates that have been working from home or a hybrid are extremely high on their wants for a new role, especially as they have had the luxury of working from home over the past couple of years and it's given them an insight into how they want to work going forward. Therefore, employers must think about how they will implement hybrid working into everyday life (if it’s not already) and how it will affect employees.