5 Ways To Structure Your CV To Get Noticed

5 Ways To Structure Your CV To Get Noticed


Are you looking for a new job role? Do you want to get noticed and beat other candidates? Find out how you can structure your CV to help secure your next job interview…

People have started to heavily rely on automation and AI screening tools to match the language within your CV to the job posting you’ve applied for, in order to see whether you are the right candidate for the role. So, you need to ensure your CV is optimised both to get ahead of the tech and impress those time-poor recruiters and hiring managers.


Tell them about yourself

Now although you may already know this, it’s always key to give the recruiter a general idea of who you are and your key skills. Ensure to keep it brief, around 50 words which are tailored to the job you’re applying for. Think about the role you’re applying for and what the reader is likely to be most interested in when looking for the right candidate for the role.


Use tech to your advantage

In a constantly tech-advancing world, why not step out from the conventional 'paper CV'? In 2022, many will be looking towards the future with tech-savvy introduction videos, as it shows forward-thinking initiative. Therefore, this can be a great way to introduce yourself while enhancing your image and first impression to potential employers prior to the interview stage.


Structure your CV correctly

Make sure it looks professional and is easy to navigate, begin with your contact details such as email, phone number and name. Next explain your most relevant and recent work experience and any skills that relate to the role you’re applying for, even if they’re not directly relevant but can be transferred. Finally, include any education and grades particularly if the job advertisement specifies it.


Limit your pages

Try and keep your information concise and relevant and use your space wisely. Ideally limit your CV to two or three pages, as this should give you plenty of range to expertly explain why you’re an ideal candidate without it being tiresome for a hiring manager to read.


Highlight your achievements

Most people aren’t comfortable with self-promotion, but this is your moment! Highlight your abilities, achievements, and transferrable skills; give them a visual of what you can do and prove that you’re the right person for the role.

Using keywords throughout your CV that link to the role you’re applying for works wonders. Keep your CV relevant to the role you’re applying for and remember to tailor it when applying for another role.


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